Cost vs. Performance Comparison of Prosilica GE680 CCD camera and Prosilica GC640 CMOS Camera Sensors

The two shots below were taken at the same exposure.  The first shot used a Prosilica GE680 camera with a CCD sensor.  The second shot utilized a Prosilica GC640 camera with a CMOS sensor.

GE680 - CCD at 4.6 milliseconds

GC640 - CMOS at 4.6 milliseconds

The cameras were outfitted with the same lens with the iris of the lens set to the same position, f4. The lighting conditions were also the same. The GC640 required an exposure time of 28 milliseconds to achieve what the GE680 did in 4.6 milliseconds, meaning that the GC640 has approximately 1/6th the sensitivity of the GE680.

GC640 CMOS at 28 milliseconds

For additional information, see CCD vs. CMOS: Facts and Fiction