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NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection is configurable machine vision software that you can use to prototype, benchmark, and deploy applications. NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection does not require programming, yet is scalable to powerful programming environments such as LabVIEW. A built-in deployment interface is included so you can quickly deploy your inspection, guidance, and identification applications. The software also includes abilities to set up complex pass/fail decisions, control digital I/O devices, and communicate with serial devices such as PLCs. Brochure
VBAI Blister Pack Inspection
Lock Washer Example
VBAI and A601F

Part number Description MSRP Qty
778649-35 NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection, Includes 1 Year SSP $1999
930649-01 Standard Service Program for Vision Builder AI $379
779343-35 Vision Builder AI Development Kit $1211
Twain-VBAI Twain plugin for VisionBuilder - requires VisionBuilderAI 2.0 or 2.5 $595

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