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Area Array, Backlights, CDI's, Dark-Field Illuminators, DOAL, COAL, DOME, Ringlights, SCDI's

Machine vision lighting products are designed to control "light delivery" to the CCD array (camera.) There are many lighting techniques to choose from including: ring lights, dark-field lights, backlights, coaxial (on axis) lights, continuous diffuse lights, dome lights, area arrays, line lights and spot lights. Machine vision lighting products use a variety of sources to complement our lighting techniques as well. In addition to our core LED (light emitting diode) technology, the sources include fiber optic, xenon strobe, CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp), fluorescent, halogen, electro-luminescent panels and metal halide.

                                                                         A Practical Guide to Machine Vision Lighting


LED Spotlights are well suited for applications requiring a high degree of contrast on non-reflective objects (for use with NI-1742 smart camera).



Backlights provide sharp contrast to outline a parts shape, hide clear housings, and view openings such as drilled holes (for use with NI-1742 smart camera).



Ring Illuminators are economical and practical choices for illuminating diffused or specular surfaces (for use with NI-1742 smart camera).


Dark-Field Illuminators

Dark-Field Illuminators dramatically enhance the contrast of surface features such as laser embossed or engraved marks or surface defects (for use with NI-1742 smart camera).


DOAL and COAL Illuminators

DOALs provide diffuse, uniform illumination for flat, specular surfaces. COAL modules offer collimated illumination within the camera's optical path (for use with NI-1742 smart camera).

>>DOAL's and COAL's

Dome Illuminators

Dome Illuminators provide practical and cost-effective solutions to illuminate shiny, bumpy surfaces (for use with NI-1742 smart camera).

>>Dome Illuminators

SCDI Illuminators and CDI Illuminators

SCDI (square continuous diffuse illuminators) provides extraordinary diffuse illumination. Its' patented design is ideal for moderately faceted and undulating specular surfaces (for use with NI-1742 smart camera).

>>SCDI and CDI Illuminators

Lightline and Area Arrays

Area Array Illuminators are designed for non-specular surface lighting in applications that demand economical solutions.  Linelight Illuminators are used for for linescan applications where the light needs to be focused on a certain "line" (for use with NI-1742 smart camera).

>>Area Array and Lightline Illuminators

High Current LEDs

High Current LED's are area arrays that use much brighter and larger lights to view larger objects. 

>> High Current LEDs


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